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Medicine Wheel Clinic

85 Auburn Park Drive

Auburn, Georgia 30011

Phone: 770-277-7958 | Fax: 770-277-9628 | Emergency On-Call: 678-315-1479



Hours of Operation

Monday: 5:30am-10:30am

Tuesday: 5:30am-10:30am

Wednesday: 5:30am-10:30am

Thursday: 5:30am-10:30am

Friday: 5:30am-10:30am

Saturday: 6:00am-9:00am

Sunday: Closed



$13 Per Day

We have other funding options for patients who cannot afford treatment.  Please ask about our waiting list for GA Medicaid, grant funding, and private insurance.


Intake Day - What to Expect

*Bring $40 for intake fee and $26 for doses.  If you can't afford this, please contact the administrator to discuss your options. 

*Be in mild to moderate withdrawal (no opioids after midnight)

*Bring a lockbox to store and secure your medicine

*Drink lots of fluids

*The intake process takes 1-3 hours.  The average wait time to just dose is usually 5-30 mins

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