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Who We Are

Medicine Wheel Clinic in Auburn, GA is an outpatient MAT Drug Treatment Program that was established in 2008. The Founder, Reverend Jennie Leyva, MDiv, drew from 35 years experience working in drug treatment to create the Medicine Wheel Clinic. She set out to manifest a place to help people work on not using illicit drugs, creating stability, and encouraging healing.


We are a family run organization, with both of the founder's children sharing her vision to improve the lives of people with Substance Use Disorder. Adriana is the Administrator of the clinic and oversees daily operations.  She is a certified IC&RC Harm Reduction Specialist, Addictions Counselor, and serves as Executive Secretary for the Opioid Treatment Providers of Georgia.  Christina works as the Business Analyst and earned a doctorate PhD from Rutgers University. 

Our family draws from our education, intuition, life experiences, faith, and empathy to help people with substance use disorder reach their goals.  We believe in the family business model and have no other corporations or owners guiding how we treat and serve patients. The name 'Medicine Wheel Clinic' is a tribute to the founder's indigenous heritage. The Medicine Wheel is a symbol that has been used by generations of various tribes for health and healing.  We are a family of three strong women who want to help create change both in the lives of OUD patients and the greater Georgia community.


We proudly employ leaders in the field, providing formal training and education to counselors who are seeking to advance their level of certification.  We employ a caring and conscientious staff, including counselors, doctors, nurses, and more who are committed to our vision and purpose.  The Medicine Wheel Clinic team strives to help patients better their lives while also reducing crime in the local community.


We proudly serve Barrow County, GA and the surrounding region. If you or someone you love is addicted opioids, they need help. Let our family help you and yours regain structure, balance, and health. Medicine Wheel Clinic looks forward to helping you or your loved one with Opioid Use Disorder.

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